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JDD 2018: who’ll rock the microphone on the stage?

The Most Enthusiastic Conference on Java

JDD 2018: who’ll rock the microphone on the stage?

Check out the list of the first JDD speakers confirmed and the topics they are going to take on:

  •      Jarosław Pałka„new java.io.File(„jdd.json”); is this really that simple?”
  •      Patrick Kua“Talking with Tech Leads”
  •      Sławek Sobótka – “Event Storming – skracanie dystansu pomiędzy IT a biznesem”
  •      Jakub Pilimon – “Testing message driven applications with Spring”
  •      Marcin Zajączkowski – “Spock vs JUnit 5 – Clash of the Titans”
  •      Nathaniel Schutta – “Spring, Functions, Serverless and You”
  •      Jacek Kunicki – “How (Not) to Use Reactive Streams in Java 9+”
  •      Grzegorz Piwowarek – “The Dark Side of Java 8”
  •      Vladimir Tsukur – “GraphQL – APIs the New Way”
  •      Oleh Dokuka – “Refactor to Reactive with Spring 5 and Reactor 3”
  •      Marcin Stachniuk – “GraphQL – when REST API is not enough – lessons learned”
  •      Tomasz Nurkiewicz – “Reactive programming: lessons learned”
  •      Maciek Próchniak – “What would you do if Spring disappeared for a week?”


Would you like to get more info about speakers?

Here you can find their bio and expertise: https://jdd.org.pl/speakers.html


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